Rebecca Daugherty

Major: Neuroscience

Study Abroad Country and Program: Canterbury, England – Canterbury-IU Semester Program

Favorite Part of Study Abroad Experience: My favorite part of studying abroad in England was the community that I became a part of. As I fell into a routine, Canterbury began to feel like my home away from home. I loved the pace of a small town as I learned about the English culture and lifestyle, and made some long-lasting connections with my housemates and peers. The program also gave me the opportunity to experience a different teaching style that I was not accustomed to, as well as travel to many different parts of Europe. These experiences have given me confidence and trust in myself to travel to a new place on my own, as well as broadened my perspective of different parts of the world. I hope to travel back to England for academics and for personal travel, along with seeing even more parts of the world. I encourage anyone who can to study abroad because it was an amazing and formative experience, and going was one of the best decisions I made during my undergraduate career.