Prepare for Your Departure

Your program will start before you know it, so begin preparing now

You found a program, you applied, and you got in. Congrats! Now it’s time to prepare. Even if your program is months away, start getting ready now—some parts of the process (such as getting a passport) can take time. Begin the process by reviewing our Pre-Departure Handbook.

Attend a Pre-Departure Meeting

Come to a pre-departure meeting designed for students already accepted into a study abroad program. Learn about packing, safety abroad, and other traveling tips. 

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Make Logistical Preparations

Plan ahead and take care of required documents and processes, including:

Adapt to a New Culture

Living in a new culture, even briefly, is always exciting and can be challenging sometimes, too.

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Stay Healthy & Safe

IU works hard to help ensure you are healthy and safe abroad, but ultimately both are your responsibility. Research these topics, including: