Learning Abroad

Study Abroad isn't just a chance to meet people and explore places you never could otherwise. It lets you learn from hands-on experience in an environment that builds important traits like resourcefulness, adaptability, resilience, and empathy.

We are proud to showcase the educational experiences of just some of our Study Abroad alumni for the 2021 Engaged Learning Showcase.

Take a look at their stories and how learning abroad enhanced their academic careers. When you're done, consider visiting our Why Study Abroad page or reading about our many Service Learning and Internship programs where you can live and work in an international context.

Summer in Salamanca

Biology and pre-med student Nicholas O'Connor studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain during the Summer of 2019. Over the course of his stay he dramatically improved his fluency in Spanish, which he hopes to use to better serve his Spanish-speaking patients. Read more about his experience here.

Studying Abroad During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Some of our students found themselves studying abroad in Japan as the COVID-19 Outbreak was unfolding. Thankfully, they managed to complete their programs and return safely to the United States without complication. Click on their profiles to learn about what is was like to experience a global event while living outside of their home country.

Learning social work macro-practice in Post-War Croatia

Every year the School of Social Work sends student to Osijek, Croatia as part of the Social Work Practice in Post-War Communities program. The experience provides students the opportunity to learn about and help with community reconstruction efforts in areas still recovering from war. Students from the program create digital stories to share their experiences of working in post-war Croatia and how it affected them. View these stories by clicking on the profiles below.

Comparing Sustainable Development in France and the United States

The France: GO GREEN and Germany: GO GREEN study abroad programs offered through the IUI School of Engineering and Technology teaches students about sustainable practices in businesses, industries, and municipalities. To learn more, watch the below video by interior design studnet Kathryn Roche. In her video she highlights many of the businesses and industries visited for the GO GREEN course in Indianapolis and Marseille, France.