Major: Biomedical Engineering and Medical Humanities

Study abroad country and program: Copenhagen, Denmark – DIS Study in Scandinavia

Favorite part of study abroad experience:

During my semester in Denmark, I had the opportunity to integrate into the Danish lifestyle, which allowed me to become connected with the local culture and eventually feel the comfort of Copenhagen as my second home. This element of my study abroad experience broadened my perspective on the complexities of functioning as a member of an unfamiliar society, while also providing space to understand my personal values and passions. My abroad academics also provided a valuable avenue to focus on internationalization of my degree curriculum and future career goals. My hope is to return to Copenhagen in the future to revisit all the people and places that became involved in my everyday life, while also further exploring the natural beauties of the Scandinavian region. Studying abroad was a personally awakening and academically enhancing experience that is continuing to perpetuate changes in my life back home, so I strongly encourage interested students to take the leap to study abroad in any capacity they can make possible.