Jisenia Ocelotl

Major: Global/International Studies and Spanish

Study abroad country and program:  Madrid, Spain - academic year   

Favorite part of study abroad experience: I spent an academic year in Madrid, Spain. I was able to immerse myself in the Spanish culture and lifestyle. This was a language intense program; all my classes were taught in Spanish. I was able to get credits for almost all of my Spanish degree. Since I am also a global and international student, this program aligned well with my degree. 

I loved Madrid! I got to see beautiful architecture, art in el Mueso de Prado, and el parque Retiro (which is a big park in Madrid). There was always something to do and places to discover. They had a lot of restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. I am very much into fashion and one of my favorite things to do in Madrid was to go thrifting and vintage shopping. They had a whole area in Madrid that was full of vintage shops. Every Sunday there was a big flea market near my apartment. My favorite part of studying abroad was the people I met.