SDG 4 - Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Argentina: Corperate Social Responsibility, Kelley School of Busines

This course examines the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and Service Learning and includes a week-long study abroad experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Students will learn about the economic and political history of Argentina, the social issues that its population faces today, and how businesses are helping to address those issues. In Argentina, students will participate in a service learning project, lectures, and cultural activities.

China: Global IT Citizenship

This program will provide students with a wide scope of Global IT Citizenship, exploring issues related to multicultural integration within global companies and concerns about citizens working and studying abroad. It includes an in-depth cultural exchange where students will collaborate with students from China throughout the course.

Dominican Republic: Drug use and treatment in the Dominican Republic

This course will provide a general introduction to issues surrounding substance use and mental health in the Dominican Republic. It is designed to inform and challenge participants to observe and solve problems related to substance abuse, emphasizing low- and middle-income countries. Students will investigate barriers to solving problems of alcohol and drug abuse and mental health treatment, as well as the economic and social causal factors. They will also research addiction issues while examining the roles of local and national governments, international agencies, and third-party intervention.

Finland: Providing Digital Services to International Users

This program in Informatics provide technological and conceptual knowledge in skills such as HTML, CSS, and information architecture that will be practiced and refined in collaborative course projects. Students are introduced to an educational model that encourages high-level content discussion and sharing. We encourage creativity and innovation using international standards for delivering digital services. Most of our efforts are based on international collaboration, and we learn how to work across borders to achieve our objectives and reach our agreed-upon goals.

Ghana: Africana Studies

This program explores the historical and contemporary cultures of Ghana, including historical topics covering slavery, colonization, liberation, integration, globalization, the promotion of unity and solidarity, women in development, and regional economic communities.

India: Social Work and Human Trafficking

Students in this course will gain first-hand knowledge of strategies to combat the sex-trafficking of women and children both in Indiana and in Kolkata through a variety of methods: reading books, interacting with local speakers in Indiana and India, understanding the mission and strategies of Sari Bari as well as other NGOs in India, meeting former victims of trafficking who are now working at Sari Bari in India, and assisting Sari Bari with projects that further their mission to empower women who have been trafficked. Students will also have the opportunity to observe, discuss and evaluate strategies for empowerment of victims of sex trafficking.

Kenya: School of Medicine - Two Month Medical Rotation

Based out of Moi University School of Medicine, this rotation occurs in the classrooms, clinics, and wards of a tertiary referral hospital (Moi Teaching and Referral).  Key experiences of the rotation include participating in ward rounds in medicine and pediatrics, being exposed to the work of AMPATH, as well as living in the medical student dorms. AMPATH is an ongoing program providing medical care to Kenyans in the hospital catchment area; students may observe both the AMPATH-associated medical clinics as well as ancillary development programs (Family Preservation Initiative, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, etc.). 

India: Global IT Management

Visit to Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT), where students will be able to interact with Indian students and learn about the differences between the US and Indian education systems and cultural aspects and life style. Visits to a variety of cultural and historical sites to help the students understand the environment in which the outsourcing and offshoring industry has developed.

Italy: IUC Early and Elementary Education

This experience examines the early and elementary education in Italy in order to more deeply understand critical concepts in education relevant to teaching in the U.S. and globally. Students will hone an international comparative lens through research, experience, and writing. This study abroad program is designed to support students in applying the philosophies and pedagogies of Italy’s educational system to complicate and develop their beliefs about the role of education in a diverse society.

Worldwide: International Human Rights Law Internships, School of Law

McKinney School of Law students do internships in the field of international human rights law. The substantive areas of their work have touched on many of the SDGs, and can potentially touch on all of them. Since 1997, our program has had international human rights law internship placements in over 75 countries on six continents.

Worldwide: Master of Social Work Field Practicum

MSW level field practicum in social work placements around the world. Placements last 4-5 months.