Ivy Tech Transfer Student Study Abroad Scholarship

The Ivy Tech Transfer Student Scholarship is offered through the IUI Office of International Affairs

Need help funding your study abroad experience? Are you an undergraduate transfer student from Ivy Tech? You could receive a $2,000 award through the Ivy Tech Transfer Student Study Abroad Scholarship. The scholarships are awarded twice a year in two cycles.

Application Deadline:

  • October 15 - spring semester programs, spring break programs, and summer programs

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Am I eligible?

  • I am a transfer student from Ivy Tech and am now degree-seeking at IUI, IUPUC, or IUFW
  • I am a full-time or part-time undergraduate student.
  • My study abroad program is approved and credit bearing (including approved independent study and direct enrollment overseas).
  • The credits will be counting toward my degree (requirements or electives).
  • I am in good standing with the university and have a 2.75 GPA.
  • I have financial need and have completed my FAFSA.
  • Be willing to comply with grant requirements for travel. This scholarship is funded by the US Department of Education which has stipulations for disbursement:
    • Flights should comply with the Fly America Act and/or Open Skies Agreement
    • List of American Carriers that meet the Fly America Act requirement is available here - U.S. Certified Air Carriers
    • Provide flight details at least 40 days before travel

Scholarship Information

  • Selection Criteria

    Recipients will be selected on the basis of need, merit, and motivation. Need will be documented by a filed FAFSA form. Merit is indicated by the overall quality of the application and how well the chosen program matches student goals. Motivation may be demonstrated through prior coursework, relevant volunteer or other extracurricular experiences, language preparation (where applicable), and preparation for international experience. Applicants should demonstrate mindset open to experiencing difference, language and cultural preparation, coursework taken, relevant extracurricular or volunteer activities, consideration of own cultural identities

    Preference will be given to first-generation students, students who have never had an opportunity to study overseas, and students who have the most financial need. In addition, preference will be given to students who have completed the Global Workforce Skills Certificate or Global Studies Certificate at Ivy Tech, as well as other degrees at Ivy Tech, before transferring to IUI.

    Awards are contingent upon acceptance into and participation in the proposed study abroad program. Students who withdraw or are dismissed from the program may need to return all or part of the award to the University

  • Post-Program Expectations

    Recipeints will be expected to complete a volunteer activity in support of study abroad or global learning generally at IUI or Ivy Tech. (Examples include speaking to classes at Ivy Tech and/or IUPUI about the impact of their experience; video or written reflections to be incorporated into the global modules in Ivy Tech's freshmen seminar IVYT or IUI Bridge program; serving as a panelist for a study abroad presentation)

How do I apply?

If you meet the eligibility requirements above, follow the simple steps below to apply!

  • Go to One.IU.edu.
  • Search for Scholarships.
  • Click on the “Scholarships (Blackbaud Award Management)” task and log in with your IU username and password.
  • Complete and submit the General Application (if you haven’t already).
  • Once you have submitted the General Application, click the Opportunities tab, then click Ours.
  • Type “Ivy Tech Transfer Student Study Abroad Scholarship” in the search bar.
  • Select the “Ivy Tech Transfer Student Study Abroad Scholarship”.
  • Click the Apply button to open the application.
  • Complete and submit the Ivy Tech Transfer Student Study Abroad Scholarship application.

Short Essay Questions

  • Please describe any previous international experience you have had and what you learned from your travel experience.
  • If you have not had international travel experience please describe what you hope to learn from an international experience.
  • Describe why you chose this particular study abroad program.
  • Describe how this program fits into your personal, professional, and/or academic goals:
  • Describe the courses you plan to take abroad: (number of credit hours, course numbers, and course titles, if possible)
  • List the degree requirements which will be completed through participation in this program:
  • Discuss a time when you entered and thrived in a class, job, or a community where you initially felt like an outsider. How did you work through those feelings? What did you learn from this experience? How would you help others feel included in similar situations?
  • In what ways have you prepared for this program? (language and cultural preparation, coursework taken, relevant extracurricular or volunteer activities, consideration of own cultural identities)