Program Costs

Worried about the costs for a study abroad program? There are ways to make study abroad more affordable.  

  • Consider studying in a smaller city or town. While places like London have a lot to offer, the costs of living there are going to be higher than smaller cities or towns in the same country. It is similar to thinking about the cost of living in New York City versus Indianapolis.
  • Program design can affect costs. Exchange programs are set up so that you pay the same IUPUI tuition as if you were studying on campus. Some programs work with educational organizations to manage the experience abroad. Often times these kinds of program are more expensive.
  • Airfare to your program destination can vary greatly—by over $1000.  You may want to look into the cost of airfare to the different locations you are considering.

What is the average cost of an IUPUI program?

Program costs vary widely but below is the average cost for the IUPUI study abroad programs:

Average cost of semester programs: $6,439

Average cost of summer programs: $4,026

Average cost of spring break programs: $3,188

*Note: This does not include tuition and fees. Depending on banded tuition, some programs may not carry additional tuition charges. Averages are based on undergraduate programs. Updated May 2018.

Banded Tuition 

Starting Fall 2016, IUPUI adopted the banded tuition policy. Students taking 12-18 credits will pay the same amount of tuition, instead of paying the per credit rate. This change may be beneficial for students who would like to add a study abroad course within the fall or spring semesters. 

Take Another Perspective

There are other ways to look at program costs:

  • When thinking about the costs of a study abroad experience you may also consider that there would generally be costs associated with staying in Indiana such as rent, utilities, food, etc.
  • Shorter programs are often less expensive than longer programs but you will have to pay the same airfare and passport fees and depending on your destination also visa and vaccination expenses. Instead of just looking at the total cost you may want to consider the average per day costs for a program. A semester program may seem like a better deal after all!

Average daily cost of a semester program: $56.03

Average daily cost of a summer: $229.73

Average daily cost of a spring break: $358.91

While there are real costs associated with study abroad, we encourage you to commit to participating in this life changing experience. It really is an investment that you can make in your personal, academic and professional future.