Social Work

Programs with a Social Work Focus

Programs listed below offer a variety of courses under different social work themes. Study abroad is a great way to supplement your social work education by helping you apply, adapt, and engage your knowledge in a different cultural setting. The School of Social Work offers several programs designed specifically for social work students in Croatia, India, and South Korea that focus on several core themes.

As a Social Work student, you have 52 credit hours dedicated solely to social work courses. In order to fit study abroad into your education, be sure to plan early. Work with your advisor as early as your freshman year to plan study abroad into your degree requirements. Be aware, you can study abroad as early as the summer after your freshman year!

Depending on your interests in health and study abroad, you may also want to consult a variety of other Health Sciences programs. Many summer and semester programs offer public health courses, but be sure to discuss these options with your academic advisor to determine if you can receive credit in your department. 

As an IUI student, you are eligible to participate in IU programs on all campuses. Below are offerings based on core social work themes that may suit your study abroad interests.

Looking for something different?

This list above is not exhaustive for programs that could fulfill major credits for your degree. You can consider programs outside your major area of study to fulfill general education and/or elective credits or a semester program with English as the primary language of instruction.

You can also consider a non-IU program through various study abroad program providers or other universities. Read about Non-IU Programs for more information on how to start the application process. If you find a non-IU program that fits your interests, contact our office at least 6 weeks before your departure to ensure credit transfer and to learn more about applying financial aid or scholarships.