Welcome to the IUPUI Spring Study Abroad Virtual Session!

Plan Now, Travel Later

Study abroad may not be possible right now, but we look forward to supporting you once the situation with COVID-19 stabilizes and international travel becomes possible again. In the meantime we encourage you to use this break in travel to explore program options and to thoughtfully plan your experience. Join us for an interactive session where you will learn more about program and funding options for study abroad! 

Wednesday, February 10th 2021, 11am-12pm


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Are you up for the challenge?

Study abroad can change your life. You’ll explore exciting places, meet fascinating people, and have experiences that you could never have otherwise—all while developing skills that employers love. With your newfound understanding and confidence, you’ll be ready for life's challenges.


  • What former IUPUI Students Have Said About Study Abroad

    • "But trust me when I say this: It Will Be Worth It. Whether it is a two week program or a semester long program, DO IT. You need to cross this bridge because once you do, you are going to thank yourself and wish you had done it sooner."
      ~ Saira Choudhry, Multiple Locations, Central Europe

    • "You learn more about yourself when you are challenged and you will build strengths that you can draw from to help you overcome adversity in the future."
      ~ Sam Stuck, Osijek, Croatia

    • "Studying abroad adds another level to your college experience."
      ~ Teresa Parker, West Africa

    • "If you are worried about traveling, or you haven’t done it before, don’t let that keep you from going. College, for most people, is the last point in your life when you can genuinely give up a month of your life to go live in another country.
      The reward of study abroad is immense and it is so worth it."
      ~ Jared Brown, Paros, Greece

    • "A lot of people say that studying abroad can be 'life-changing,' but for me it was more of a life-confirming experience."
      ~ Cassie Anderson, Freiburg, Germany

    • "My favorite memories from studying abroad in Germany were the many opportunities the whole group got to connect and bond. I enjoyed being able to experience the German lifestyle with other students interested in the same material."
      ~ Jeanine Adler,  Berlin, Germany

    Click here to check out student profiles and learn more about what past participants have to say about study abroad.

  • Your Degree and Study Abroad

    How does your major fit in with study abroad?

    You are not limited to study abroad programs within your major or department. However, many students want to pursue programs which focus on their field of study in an international context. Perhaps you have always wanted to study art in Italy, public health in Rwanda, business in the UK, or biology in Australia. Below are some resources to help you explore some suggested programs within various majors.

    Vist Your Degree and Study Abroad for detailed informatoin about the opportunities available to you within your school or available to you as IUI General Education Core. 

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid

    Study abroad is a long-term investment in your future. Don't let funding deter you from exploring study abroad opportunities! 

    Finding scholarships applicable to your program or academic interests may take some searching. It’s never too early to start looking for potential scholarships. If you study abroad on a co-sponsored program (e.g., IES, CIEE), you may be eligible for their scholarships. IU Bloomington offers scholarships for students from other IU campuses, minority scholarship, and internship incentive

    Additional help for scholarships and financial aid

    Financial aid shouldn't be so difficult. And with careful financial planning, short- and long-term programs could be more affordable than you would expect! Check out MoneyGeek's financial planning tips and additional scholarship and financial aid information. 

    Visit our Scholarships and Financial Aid page for more information.

  • Fasts Facts about Study Abroad

    Study abroad is much more than a trip—it’s an intellectual and cultural adventure that will change the way you see the world, other people, and yourself. You will become a wiser, more knowledgeable person who thinks critically and considers different ways of living. Study abroad takes a wide variety of shapes and forms, so there’s a program for everyone!

    • Most of our programs do NOT have a foreign language requirement. If you are studying a foreign language, study abroad is the best way to dramatically improve your language skills. However, students of any major are eligible to study abroad!

    • Program length varies from as short as a week to an entire calendar year and everything in between.

    • As an IUPUI student, you are eligible to apply for programs offered through any of IU”s eight campuses. IU offers more than 250 programs in over 50 countries. Check all the programs at iabroad.iu.edu. Want to go somewhere that’s not on our list? Stop by our office to get started looking at programs outside of IU.

    • Students can take classes, engage in service learning, or participate in an internship in an international setting and all while making progress toward their degree at IUI.

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