2018 Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner
Grand Prize: Renee Cook

Cultural Adventure
1st Place: Taylor Rasmussen
2nd Place: Kaitlyn Moore
3rd Place: Kimberly Felipe

IUPUI Students Abroad
1st Place: Renee Cook
2nd Place: Helga Davila
3rd Place: Sarah Sherer

1st Place: Kaitlyn Moore
2nd Place: Victor Cornet
3rd Place: Kimberly Felipe

Most Picturesque
1st Place: Katherine Winstead
2nd Place: Vanessa Zhao
3rd Place: Julianne Miller

Powerful Moments
1st Place: Taylor Rasmussen
2nd Place: Kelsey Binion
3rd Place: Mallory Buha

Video Short
1st Place: Courtney Poor -  "A Trip to Germany, Austira, and the Czech Republic"
2nd Place: Kimberly Felipe -  "South Korea Digital Storytelling"

Community Choice Award
Kimberly Felipe, “Raising the Flag in South Korea”