Location:  Paros, Greece
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Term Abroad: Summer 2017

Major: Media Arts and Science 

Minor: Studio Art and Technology 

Program Name: Greece: Documenting Historical Cultural Artifacts and Traditions in Paros, Greece

How did you prepare for studying abroad?

Working hard and being occupied by my vigorous planning before this trip was worth every second. So far this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made academically, intellectually, and personally. I did as much research as I could about the island of Paros, and we had meetings as a class before the actual trip. These meetings prepared us in every aspect for the journey abroad.

Any advice for future students?

It was unexpectedly and remarkably easier than I thought to fly overseas. There were hard times during the overall traveling portion, but that was to be expected. For instance, spending eight hours in Frankfurt, Germany and using my luggage as a makeshift bed was interesting, and I personally recommend saving the complementary blanket and pillow they give you on the ten hour flight for future use! It was all a learning experience. The best advice I could give to my peers would be to believe in yourself, and to always be curious. You never know what you may learn.

Any memorable experiences?

Of course! There were four focal experiences that I have had here on this journey that I appreciate the most: the voyage within the marble quarry, the kayaking trip, boating to and from Antiparos, and visiting an olive tree farmer up in the mountains of Greece. Each of those days made my experience exceptional, and made all the schoolwork worth it. Each trip was also a once in a lifetime opportunity for any person traveling to Greece, let alone a bunch of college students from Indiana!

Would you study abroad again?

This will definitely not be the end of my traveling ventures. I love the people I met and the celebrations I had. I will never forget spending my 22nd birthday here in Greece. I will cherish the people who have made an impact on my life, and because of that I believe I have changed as a person in many ways as well. Special thank you to the program directors who made this experience possible for me!