Location:  Germany & Switzerland

Term Abroad: Summer 2017 

Major: Business Management, HR Management, International Studies

First Impression: I absolutely loved Germany and Switzerland. It was a great change of scenery. The architecture, nature, and landscape is much different than what I grew up with in Indiana. It is a beautiful place that I could definitely see myself living one day.

Expectations: This was my second time studying abroad with the Kelley School of Business, and the first time was awesome. I tried to stay opened minded but deep down I was expecting to learn a lot, make new friends, and gain a new perspective on new countries. At the completion of the program, all of my expectations were met and exceeded.

Academic Requirements: This program was intended for HR Management majors, but we had a mix of different business majors. The program was also intended for juniors and seniors, but we had some sophomores attend as well. I would recommend anyone that wants to study abroad to apply. You never know what exceptions can be made. I was fortunate enough to attend a study abroad program my sophomore year that was intended for juniors and seniors.

Program Courses: We had a class that met 5 times during the spring semester. This worked well for two reasons. First, it allowed me the opportunity to get to know my fellow classmates. I was able to develop friendships prior to leaving for the program. Second, it allowed for optimal time while abroad. We had many learning experiences but we did not have to spend any time in a classroom while abroad.

Micheal Craft