Location:  Bahamas
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Term Abroad: Spring Break '16

Major: Global and International Studies

Minor(s): German and History

Certificate(s): Human Communications in a Mediated World and Event Management

Was your study abroad program as you expected?
No, it was actually a whole lot more than what I expected. You think Spring Break Cruise and expect more fun than learning, but really it was a week full of fun learning. We would participate in experiences that I had never done before like snorkeling through coral, or touring a cruise ship’s giant fridges, and then have to think how these experiences could be used to better our own understandings of the environments and people we interacted with. The whole program is way more than just a cruise.

Cruise Boat

What's your best memory from your time abroad?
My favorite memory from my time abroad was each time everyone in the program got together outside of class requirements. As a group, we loved getting together to see a show or to enjoying relaxing together as friends, including Professor Cecil. We weren’t just a class, but an entire group that had become pretty close, even before we left for the study abroad program. 

What was your first impression of studying abroad/intial thoughts on arrival?
I was excited about everything. Once I had arrived and got settled in my room all I wanted to do was explore, and of course get something to eat. I was very impressed with the choice of ship that was chosen for the study abroad cruise. It was a ship that catered to a diverse selection of passengers and would definitely give all of us plenty of opportunity to experience this type of tourism from different angles.

What did you think about your study abroad program? Would you want to go abroad again?
Studying abroad is a wonderful experience for anyone. In fact, this study abroad program was my second, and I am hoping to participate again in the Alternative Spring Break program. I wish that I had planned better and had the foresight to know how amazing both of my experiences would have been, I would have planned to have studied abroad for an entire semester or even in a yearlong study abroad program. 

What do you think you gained from studying abroad?
I gained better sense of self-worth through my study abroad experiences. Traveling semi-on my own, but to another country is actually pretty liberating. Additionally, I gained a different kind of skill through this program. The way I think about myself, and my place has altered. I am more open to change and the idea of adaptability. I understand what it means to be flexible, reliable, and to be more open to diversity.

Hart and Professor

How did studying abroad impact your experience at IUPUI?
Studying abroad gave me a better appreciation for the lengths some faculty members will go to help students. The different services IUPUI provides, as well as the people that work here try really hard to inspire and help students to be better, and to experience better. IUPUI works hard to give students amazing opportunities.

What advice would you give to other students thinking about studying abroad?

Do it. Don’t think about the logistics, just know that you should do and then find the right program for you. I advise any student to work with their advisers. Let them know that study abroad is something that you want to do. Your adviser can help you to find the right program for you, and then fit that into your curriculum. Whether it is over the summer or a semester somewhere, it can be done and it is well worth it. 

If you could sum up your study abroad experience in one sentence and quote, what would it be?
“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather.