Jeanine Scheidler

Location:  Hong Kong, China
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Major:  Finance

Program Name: China: Division of Business Study Tour of Hong Kong

Academic Planning

How did the study abroad program fit with your required coursework?

Being a business major, understanding the different cultures around the world and how they may impact how business is conducted is very important. Taking part in the study abroad program to Hong Kong allowed me to experience first-hand how different cultures interact in the business world, as well as witness that two very different cultures can be very similar in many ways!


Our group stayed at The Salisbury YMCA Hotel on Kowloon. They were very nice accommodations and the hotel offered daily breakfast which allowed for our hectic days to begin much easier.

What’s your best memory from your time abroad?

My best memory would be every memory of my trip to Hong Kong! A few that are at the top would be the time spent with the other college students from City University of Hong Kong as well as experiencing the local cuisine and visiting all the historic sites.

Money Matters

The US dollar was much stronger than the Hong Kong dollar, so we were able to purchase food and souvenirs very inexpensively. It is customary to negotiate when making purchases in Hong Kong, so it was not uncommon to pay something much lower than the asking price. Many of us did apply for scholarships and were able to receive funds toward our trip. If a study abroad trip is something you are contemplating, I would strongly encourage you to start saving NOW. Your trip will be much more enjoyable if you aren’t worried about your funds while away.

Leisure and Travel

What did you do for fun, i.e. excursions, outside of class time?

Most of us went sightseeing together. Our itinerary blocked off two days that were centered around sightseeing which I truly enjoyed! We also had “free time” on a few evenings that we were able to do additional exploring.


What was it like talking and interacting with the local population?

Though we live on opposite sides of the world, I found it interesting how very similar the college students of Hong Kong are to those of us in the U.S.! Everyone I encountered was extremely friendly and helpful. Luckily, the majority of everyone in Hong Kong speaks English very well, so there was very little issue of being able to communicate. It is very fast paced in Hong Kong, so if you are out on the move, you will find it is necessary to move very quickly!

Cultural Adjustment

What are some aspect of culture, customs, food, way of life, etc. that were an adjustment for you? What did you learn from them?

Hong Kong is very crowded, so it was eye opening to say the least to see laundry hanging out of windows from high-rise apartment buildings! It was also very fun to truly learn how to use chopsticks!

Effect on Self

What skills or perspectives did you learn on this trip that will help you in the future? 

Make the best of every situation and be prepared! Traveling can be challenging, so enjoy each day for what it is and if today wasn’t a great day, there is always tomorrow to make it a better one! Remember….it is not better or worse, but simply different!


Any advice to students who are thinking about or planning to study abroad?

I would encourage everyone to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity! Every experience is a learning opportunity, so take advantage of one you can share with your fellow classmates.

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