Purdue University Programs

Purdue offers a selection of programs available to IUI students.

The majority of Purdue Study Abroad programs are available to students only attending the West Lafayette campus. However, a limited roup of these Purdue programs are open to all IUI students, not only Purdue degree-seeking IUI students. You can still receive credit and financial aid for these programs through a non-IU credit approval process.

The number of Purdue programs with credit easily transferable to IUI is limited and requires extra paperwork. Read frequently asked questions for students attending West Lafayette Departmental Study Abroad Programs. 

    More programs may be available on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to contact the program director through the Purdue Study Abroad page to see if your application would be considered.

    How the Credit Transfer Process Works

    IUPUI students with a Purdue major who participate on a Purdue-West Lafayette study abroad program will transfer their study abroad grades to IUPUI and those grades will factor into their IUPUI GPA. IUPUI students with an IU major who participate on a Purdue-West Lafayette study abroad program will still receive credit for the course; however, the grade will instead be designated as Satisfactory/Fail.

    In order to receive credit or financial aid for your Purdue Study Abroad program, you will need to complete a non-IU credit approval process by working with our office. Contact the Assistant Director of Study Abroad, Emily Charlton, to set up an appointment.